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Electronic Applications

This segment supplies a wide range of components made of high-purity graphite, carbon fiber-reinforced carbon and felt for semiconductor and solar technology, thermal engineering and energy technology, for industrial furnace engineering, the hard metal industry, aerospace technology and chemical process engineering.

We can draw on our long-standing materials expertise and vast experience with high-temperature processes. This enables us to supply customized package systems covering everything from the design to the commissioning of complete high-temperature plants and chemical process equipment.

High Purity Graphite Materials

We welcome the opportunity to supply fine grained isostatic graphite parts used within the electronics industries – such as the manufacture of polycrystalline and single crystal silicon manufacture – ion implantation equipment – optical fibre heaters insulators and stretchers – solar cell and fuel cell production and the carbon and graphite parts used in the manufacture of LED components.

Components for Electronic Applications

Brazing and glass-to-metal sealing jigs 

Graphite jigs are used in the production of hermetic seals by glass-to-metal sealing or brazing connections. The greatest precision is needed in machining these parts. The graphite grades used must exhibit low abrasion, high edge strength and particularly high resistance to oxidation and carbonizing. 

Crucibles and molds for processing solar silicon 

In the manufacture of solar silicon preproducts, the crucibles, boats and various other moulds and heating systems used in different processes are made from graphite or carbon fibre composite (CFC), sometimes in very large dimensions.

Electrodes for plasma etching

Wafer structures can be produced either by wet or by dry etching. Among the materials used for dry etching processes are isostatically pressed fine-grain graphites.

Fine-grain graphites exhibit very low erosion characteristics, even under extreme working conditions, as in plasma.


Graphite for shields and electrodes in ion implantation

Fine-grained high-density graphites exhibit very low erosion, even in extreme working conditions as in ion bombardment or in plasma. Metal parts in ion implantation equipment are exposed to high wear caused by ion beam collisions. They are protected by suitable graphite shields.

FMC Material Technologies Ltd. supplies not only graphite shields, but also electrodes and ion sources in erosion-resistant, high-purity graphite grades for all types of implanters.



Graphite products for optical fibre technology

Carbon and Graphite Materials for Heating Elements and Shields, as well as for Insulation in Optical Fibre Technology

For the production of fibre preforms and for further processing of glass rods into thin light-conducting fibres, heating equipment made of superpure graphite is used. Besides heating elements and shields, we also supply graphite insulation felts of highest purity.


Products for monocrystal pulling of various semiconductor materials 

Components, Boats and Crucibles Made of Carbon and Graphite for Crystal Pulling

For the crystal pulling of III/V monocrystals, products of high-purity graphite, CFC and insulation materials are used.

Products for silicon monocrystal pulling 

For silicon monocrystal pulling we manufacture superpure graphite products, CFC and insulation materials.

The products (e.g. susceptors, heating elements, heat shields, etc.) are used in the semiconductor and solar industries. Purity demands made on semiconductor products are currently higher than those for solar products.

Slicing beams for cutting poly- and monocrystalline products 

Slicing beams made of carbon or graphite are used for cutting monocrystalline rods and polycrystalline products into wafers. 

The graphite helps prevent sections of silicon from breaking away during slicing, with the graphite simply removed following this operation.

Susceptors and boats for epitaxy 

Epitaxy susceptors for gas phase epitaxy are machined from superpure graphite having a homogeneous fine-grained structure.

Ultrahigh-purity graphites for polisilicon production 

Graphite electrodes of high purity are used in the deposition of polycrystalline high-purity silicon as holders for the growing rod and as electrical conductor.

We also supply various other components for polysilicon production, all matched to customer-specific requirements.

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