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CFC Parts

To retain the insulation within the furnace, to insulate the elements, to support the components and to protect the furnace interior we supply a variety of accessories


Carbon Fibre Composite (CFC) or can be described as Carbon Carbon Composite (CCC) is in the main a light weight structural elements within a furnace hot zone to either protect the insulation or to provide strength and rigidity with a low thermal mass. Equally the CFC can be used as heating elements giving long spans with low mass. We can essentially supply whatever you design angles, channels, hearth beams, bases, protection plates, heating elements. Studding. Nuts and washers.


We supply graphite paint for protecting the insulation – applied as a coating on the insulation the paint greatly reduces the exposed surface area of the insulation reducing the rate of oxidation and deterioration of the insulation


Graphite adhesive is used to make repairs within the hot zone or to bond complex components together

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