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Flexible Graphite Insulation
Graphite Felt

Flexitherm is available as either carbon or graphite felts, standard thicknesses and widths are as shown in the shopping pages. The flexibility of the felt allows the insulation to be shaped around the walls of the furnace often it is utilized as a protective barrier between the furnace wall and the rigid insulation to take out any irregularities and also to compensate for differential expansion between the two different materials.

This felt is comparatively inexpensive and can be used as a consumable protecting each batch and then being replaced you can cut the felt to the exact size you require with ease equally it can be used as a temporary patch when the rigid insulation is starting to fail.


Hot zones
Directional crystal solidification
Semi conductor
Solar cells

Graphite Foil

Graphite foil is also used to provide a physical barrier between the insulation and the furnace interior this can protect the insulation from splashes and spills it also acts as a vapour barrier in some cases and can help to soften hot spots by laterally transferring the heat creating a much more even internal temperature within the furnace we can supply all shapes and sizes the most common being 1m x 1m x 2mm

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