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FMC MATERIAL TECHNOLOGIES LTD. are one of Europe's leading specialists in the supply of any type of vacuum furnace hot zone consumable parts....

We manufacture and supply all the graphite internals within the hot zone Ė elements, connectors, PLIís, furnace bases, and furnace furniture.

From our extensive array of carbon and graphite materials we can manufacture the vacuum furnace spares that you may need on a fast turn around to minimize your furnace offline time.

We can manufacture the parts from extruded or isostatic graphite depending upon your application additionally the parts can be dedusted, ultrasonically cleaned, purified and/or †a ceramic coating can be applied

Our extensive machine shop is available to meet your needs for bespoke parts or prompt deliveries.

We can redesign the internals to remove problematic parts such as changing a furnace from heating with Molybdenum elements to a furnace with Graphite elements.

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