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Rigid Graphite Insulation

We can offer both Carbon and graphite insulation either in a rigidised form or as a flexible insulation felt. Carbon and Graphite insulation materials have excellent thermal properties resulting in improved hot zone temperature uniformity and low thermal mass. The thermal processes and lifetime may be further improved by the application of coatings or covering materials such as foil or CFC facing.


CF is based upon high purity Rayon and PAN fibres carbonized mixed with proprietary resins and vacuum formed into insulation boards, blocks and cylinders.

The resin impregated insulation items are then dried and polymerized, followed by carbonization and heat treatment up to between 2000 deg C and 2700 deg C.

RF is available as a  short fibre and long fibre product has excellent machining properties and excellent resistance to fast quench rates. Tight process control results in a homogeneous insulation board with excellent thermal properties resulting in stable hot zone temperature uniformity and efficient furnace control.

Graphite furnace insulation board generally comes in two distinct forms

  1. CF  -- carbon bonded carbon fibre – this board is easy to machine to complex shapes and has better thermal resistance than the rigidised felt but is more friable and hence is less able to withstand the vibration caused by high gas velocities within a fast high pressure quench process. 

  2. RF – rigidised felt – this board is well suited to high pressure quench applications and other more abrasive applications – as the boards abrade less dust is present and the furnace walls are more durable. 

The standard finish for the boards is generally foil faced both sides – we find this gives greater temperature uniformity and longer life and lower dust levels within the furnace

High purity boards are also available upon request.

Insulation cylinders can either be made as a a solid vacuum formed cylinder or as a series of barrel staves bonded together




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